Equissage EDGE

Improved movement and performance; Faster recovery & rehabilitation; Achieve peak condition for both you and your horse.

Horse getting treated using Equissage EDGEThe EDGE is the latest in Equine Therapy Systems from Equissage and represents hundreds of hours of development and testing to bring you our most advanced system ever. The Equissage EDGE CVT System is one of the safest forms of therapy available while also being highly effective, non-aggressive, drug-free and free of side effects. Clinical studies have shown that CVT improves blood flow, relieves muscle/joint pain, assists with healing and improves joint mobility.

The Equissage EDGE system includes a wireless remote control Back Pad that delivers a deep-tissue cycloidal massage to your entire horse. The Equissage EDGE Hand Pack complements the EDGE Back Pad to provide a complete equine therapy system for your entire stable. For larger stables, multiple Equissage EDGE Systems may be needed to fully utilise the benefits of CVT across every horse.

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Horse getting treated using Equissage EDGE Product
Horse getting treated using Equissage EDGE Product

Equissage manufacture a range of easy to use, Equine CVT Massage Devices that with regular use can;

  • Improve blood circulation
  • Relax muscles
  • Stimulate muscle tissue
  • Increase lymphatic drainage
  • Improve healing of wounds/ulcers
  • Reduce muscle/joint pain
  • Improve joint mobility
Horse getting treated using Equissage EDGE handheld device

The world’s best Equine Cycloid Vibration Therapy delivery system has evolved!

Treat and manage:

Swollen joints, knees and tendons
Respiratory problems
Sore and cold backs
Lactic acid
Fibrinogen vertebrae problems
Pre-racing condition
Post-race stiffness
Pulled ligaments
Sore shins
Joint mobility
Bruises and foot abscesses

Find out for yourself why Top Horse Trainers, Riders, Competitors and Therapists use Equissage CVT across every discipline. Get the EDGE for you and your horses today.